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Blackjack Card Counting Guide

Blackjack Card Counting GuideCard Counting Introduction

There's always a better way of doing things, especially while gambling. Many online casino players enjoy blackjack but have problems being able to maximize their potential earnings regularly.

Science of Card Counting

The science of card counting in blackjack has been practiced by many professional players. Regular bricks and mortar casinos are on constant lookout of card counters. However, online casinos are not.

But in order to dominate online blackjack tables, one must go beyond the traditional methods of counting to improve the chances of a large pay day.

Being able to factor in all risks with counting online, understanding tested strategies and utilizing blackjack counting software are the most important criteria for perfecting one's online card counting skills.

There are a few important factors to remember before one decides to make a profit from card counting online.

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Important Factors before Card Counting Online

The largest difference from playing blackjack online and in an actual casino isn't the amount of of decks used, but the origination of cards dealt.

Online casinos do not have to worry about well shuffled decks, there is an algorithm generated to shuffle the cards at random. This prevents counters from being able to use standard deck penetration techniques, thus discouraging most online players from attempting to count.

Blackjack Card Counting Online

The seasoned counter can understand this randomization and recognize the best way to maximize profits online with counting is a combination of bonuses offered and multiple complex strategies implemented.

One must have great knowledge of their chosen blackjack strategy and fundamental chart reading skills. To be able to capitalize manually in online blackjack speed, accuracy and awareness are all characteristics a counter should own.

One should become as familiar as possible with blackjack charts, basic strategy principles and of course their chosen system of counting. These skills should be practiced frequently in free bet online casinos to for best chances of earning big.

The High Opt Strategies for Online Casinos

Blackjack Card Counting Strategy Hi-OptThere are two complex card strategies that have been proven to contribute to an online players success. These strategies work exactly the same for mobile blackjack online. These strategies are chosen over the standard Hi-Lo or KO card counting strategies since statistically they offer a better probability at winning.

Hi-Opt 1 Blackjack Card Counting Strategy

The first counting strategy is the Highly Optimum 1 or Hi-Opt 1 counting. Hi Opt 1 utilizes a different card value system for counting, so it is important to not confuse separate system card values. All low value cards (3-6) are given a +1 value, mid value cards (2,7-9) have a neutral value and high value cards (10-A) are all assigned a value of -1.

Now you need to learn to add this up in your head while playing. The higher the count is, the better your odds are. So, you should increase your betting when the count is high.

If the dealer uses more than one deck you need to add "True Count" to the equation. Most bricks and mortar casinos uses 4 decks for blackjack. Meaning your true count would be your current count divided by 4.

The key to mastering this card counting system is keeping a separate count of all the aces. For online betting, keeping track of the aces may seem improbable with an algorithm for a dealer, but gaining experience with the High Opt 1 strategy can pay large dividends if utilized with the right software package.

Hi-Opt 2 Blackjack Card Counting Strategy

The second natural card counting strategy used online is the Hi-Opt 2 strategy. This strategy resembles the Hi-Opt 1 strategy but adds an additional counting level to balance the count. This counting system offers the highest levels of accuracy but requires the most concentration of all counting systems.

The process involves larger count values for low, medium and high range cards as +1, +2,-2 and zero respectively. Aces are still considered neutral cards but tracking the amount of aces dealt will assist shifting the card count in the player's favor.

The larger values and greater variation of card values puts this system in a class of its own so it's recommended for players desiring to learn it effectively to master the High-Opt 1.

The Next Step

Now you need to learn to add this up in your head while playing. The higher the count is, the better your odds are. So, you should basically increase your betting when the count is high.

The Secrets to Blackjack Card Counting

No matter what card counting strategy is utilized for blackjack, please remember the object is to have a statistical advantage over the house. If the strategy chosen to bring fortunes hasn't been effective in your blackjack games, reevaluate one's playing rather than the strategy.

One always must be prepared for variable change, but allow the strategies to work in favor of the counter. To make the most money counting, one should bet large when the statistical advantage is in favor of the player. While playing online, the algorithm that shuffles cards is a notification that ace neutral counting strategies won't have a major effect.

Please utilize the Hi-Opt strategies above, for these are ace reckoned strategies (aces have negative values) and keep the statistical count in the players favor with a greater percentage.

The most important secret to card counting relies on mastering the fundamentals. Each card counting system has levels associated with card values. Being certain of these levels and associating them with the blackjack chart will make the biggest difference in anyone's game. Repetitive practice will improve any counter's odds.

Best of Luck and Have Fun!

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