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Bitcoin CasinoHere you’ll find online casinos accepting bitcoin and other crypto currencies. All the casinos below are also available on iPhone, Android, iPad and tablets.

We also present a full explanation on what bitcoin is and describe to you in detail exactly how bitcoin works.

Mobile Casinos Accepting Bitcoin

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Bitcoin Casino
Bitcoin Casino Info

Vegas Casino - Bitcoin casino for  players

Vegas Casino
(For players from United States, United Kingdom and Australia)

-------- - Deposits and Withdrawals in Bitcoin (BTC)

(Rest of the World)

Bitcoin Casino - All transactions (deposits, withdrawals and the gaming itself) are made using bitcoin (BTC).

Exclusive Bitcoin Casino Bonus: 100% match bonus - up to m฿ 1,000 (1 BTC) free (also bonus on your 2nd deposit)

Bitcoin Casino Games on BitCasino / Vegas Casino:
Tomb Raider (3D video slots)
Mega Moolah (progressive)
Video Poker
and many more

Total Bitcoin Casino Games: over 300

Mobile Bitcoin Casino:
Yes - works for iPhone, iPad, Android and tablets

Languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Chinese, Italian, Japanese

- Visit Vegas Casino (for United States, United Kingdom and Australia)

- Visit BitCasino (Europe, Asia, South America, Africa, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, South Africa, Cameroon, Kenya, Ghana, Egypt, Japan, China, Korea, Syria, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Canada, New Zealand and the rest of the world)

Lucky Creek Mobile Casino - accepting Bitcoin
Lucky Creek Bitcoin Casino

Bitcoin Casino - Deposits with bitcoin (BTC) is accepted. Bitcoin is then exchanged for USD (or Euro, Canadian dollars, Swedish Krona, DKK, NRK)

Signup Bonus: 345% match bonus - up to $1725 free + 45 freespins (no deposit requiered for the freespins bonus)
Use bonuscode: "WOLF345" for match bonus and "WOLF45" for the freespins.

Casino Games at Lucky Creek:
Video Slots
Progressive Slots
Classic Slots
European Roulette
Single Deck Blackjack
Video Poker
Punto Banco
..and many more

Mobile Bitcoin Casino:
Yes - works for iPhone, iPad and Android and tablets

Crypto Currencies offered: Bitcoin

Languages: English

Worldwide Acceptance (except for players located in United Kingdom, South Africa, Australia, France and the Netherlands)

Visit Lucky Creek Bitcoin Casino

Betcoin Crypto Casino - accepting Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Bitcoin Cash
Betcoin Bitcoin Casino

(Worldwide Acceptance)

Bitcoin Casino - Deposits and Withdrawals are made in bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin Signup Bonus: 100% match bonus - up to 1 Bitcoin (1 BTC) free + freespins.
Also bonuses on 2nd and 3rd deposit.

Crypto Casino Games at Betcoin:
3D Slots
Progressive Slots
5 Reel Slots
Video Poker
Virtual Games
Live Dealer Casino
Live Sportsbook
Online Bitcoin Pokerroom
..and much more

Mobile Bitcoin Casino:
Yes - works for iPhone, iPad and Android and tablets

Crypto Currencies offered: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Dash, Monero, IOTA, Cardano

Languages: English

Worldwide Acceptance

Visit Betcoin Crypto Currency Casino

Drake Casino Accepting Bitcoin
Drake Bitcoin Casino

Bitcoin Casino - Deposits and Withdrawals available in bitcoin (BTC).

Exclusive Bitcoin Signup Bonus: 300% match bonus - up to $2000* free on your 1st deposit + freespins.
Also bonuses on your 2nd and 3rd bitcoin deposit.

Bitcoin Casino Games on Drake Casino:
Pai Gow
Caribbean Stud
Let it Ride
European Roulette
3D Slots
Progressive Slots
and many more

Mobile Bitcoin Casino:
Yes - works for iPhone, iPad and Android

Languages: English

Visit Drake Casino accepting Bitcoin

Gossip Slots Bitcoin Casino Online
Gossip Slots Bitcoin Casino

Bitcoin Casino - Deposits and Withdrawals are made using bitcoin (BTC).

Exclusive Bitcoin Casino Bonus: 250% match bonus - up to $2000* free (also bonus on your 2nd deposit)

Bitcoin Casino Games on Gossip Slots:
After Night Falls (3D slots)
Boomanji (3D slots)
Safari Sam (3D slots)
Mr Vegas (3D slots)
American Blackjack (table game)
European Roulette (table games)
and many more

Total Bitcoin Casino Games: 250

Mobile Bitcoin Casino:
Yes - works for iPhone, iPad and Android

Languages: English

Visit Gossip Slots Bitcoin Casino

* The max bonus amount at this bitcoin casino is set in Dollars. Once you've made your deposit in bitcoin you will be rewarded the equivalent bonus amount in USD. 1000 m฿ = 1 BTC (1 Bitcoin)

How Bitcoin Casino Works

Bitcoin casino gaming works exactly the same wayBest Mobile Bitcoin Casinos as regular online or mobile gaming. The only difference is that all transactions are made with bitcoin. The betting and playing itself and also all withdrawals and deposits.

Learn more about the benefits of playing casino games with Bitcoin through the video below.

Some bitcoin casinos offer only deposits in bitcoin. These casinos work like this: once you've made your deposit in bitcoin it will be credited into your casino account in USD.

The bitcoin casino exchange rate is based upon an index of the major exchanges. And you will have the option to review the exchange rate before sending funds each time you make a transaction.

You can check the current bitcoin exchange rate at

Bitcoin Withdrawals

You simply make your withdrawal in bitcoin (BTC) to your bitcoin wallet. All withdrawals are made from the casino cashier. And it can be done on your desktop, tablet or mobile depending on which device you are currently on.

As for the casinos where it is not yet possible to withdraw your winnings in bitcoin currency. Here you can make your casino deposit in bitcoin. It will then be converted to USD and you can play all casino games. Your withdrawal of your casino winnings will then be processed in USD.

If it's important to you to make both deposits and withdrawals in bitcoin please choose one of the casino above that accepts both withdrawals and deposits in BTC or we suggest you try these bitcoin poker sites. They allow all transactions, including play at their tables, in bitcoin.

Worldwide and Acceptance

The above bitcoin casinos accept players worldwide and allows casino players to play for real money. All bitcoin casino players can enjoy the full selection of casino games on their desktop and they can also play a selection of games on their mobile phone and/or their tablet or iPad.

Crypto Currency Casinos

Crypto CasinosAmongst the casinos above you will find casinos accepting a large selection of different crypto currencies. You can play using bitcoin (BTC), which is the most popular crypto currency. But you can also play casino games using Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Dash, Ripple (XRP), Monero (XMR) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH).


Introduction to Bitcoin

U.S. currency is a “fiat currency” which means that it is not backed by gold or any other physical commodity. Instead, money’s value is derived from the centralized authority of the federal government and far exceeds that of the literal piece of paper on which it is printed. So what happens when a currency is not backed by a centralized authority, but instead, is assigned its value by a network of its users? Well, that is the story if bitcoin.

However, bitcoin is more than just a type of digital currency. It is a sort of fiscal revolution that puts the creation, tracking, and security of currency directly into the hands of those who send and receive it. More than just “internet money” bitcoin is the currency of the people.

What is Bitcoin?

What is BitcoinSimply stated, Bitcoin is a digital decentralized currency that people can use to buy goods and services. Like cash, bitcoins do not have a bank or financial institution as an intermediary and therefore, can be used anonymously and without transaction fees. Once solely associated with the purchase of illicit goods and services on the deep-web, Bitcoin is becoming more widely accepted by retailers. People can purchase Bitcoin through exchanges that will also convert the cyber-currency into legal tender via transactions called “bitspin” or “bitplay.”

People also speculate in Bitcoin by purchasing the digital money in the hopes that it will increase in value and yield a sizeable return. However, Bitcoin’s value fluctuates wildly making it a very risky investment. Valued at $30 per bitcoin at the beginning of 2011, it ended the year at a paltry $2 per coin and continues to fluctuate.

Bitcoin Mysterious Origins

In 2008, a document was released under the pseudonym of Satoshi Nakamoto that introduced the concept of Bitcoin, citing the banking crisis as the primary motivation. In 2009, still shrouded in mystery, Bitcoin software and the first 50 bitcoins were released onto the internet. Today, Satoshi Nakamoto, whose identity remains unknown, holds one million bitcoins, the equivalent of approximately 1.1 billion U.S. dollars.

Bitcoin Wallet

The software program which holds a person’s bitcoins is called a “wallet.” After installing the Bitcoin wallet, an individual can immediately start using the digital currency to conduct transactions. Bitcoins are only stored in the individual user’s wallet and are not backed up anywhere, making it imperative that each user backs up their personal Bitcoin on an external source. There have been numerous reports of individuals losing thousands of bitcoins due to computer crashes.

Best Bitcoin Wallets

We recommend using Cryptopay or Blockchain for your bitcoin wallet. Cryptopay also offers the possibility to have a Visa Debit card connected to your account. We at can offer you as a visitor a 25% discount on the Cryptopay Visa Debit card - visit Cryptopay and take part of this offer

How Bitcoin Works

A decentralized form of currency, Bitcoin operates on a peer-to-peer network (P2P) and relies on this network for the creation and tracking of the currency. In fact, it is this P2P structure that is the crux of Bitcoin’s security and sustainability.

When bitcoins are exchanged, a public encryption key or digital signature is created, recording the transaction. This information is then shared with the entire network of Bitcoin users as part of the ledger. The Bitcoin ledger or “block-chain” is a record of all Bitcoin transactions, updated and reconciled entirely by the P2P network. The balancing and verification of the ledger are directly tied to the creation of new bitcoins, and it is this interdependence that determines Bitcoin’s success.

Bitcoin Mining

“Mining” is the term that refers to the creation and release of new bitcoins for public trade while simultaneously updating the ledger with recent transactions. And while it involves complicated math, the process itself is actually quite genius in its efficiency and simplicity. Every ten minutes, a “block” containing recent Bitcoin transactions is released to everyone in the P2P network in the form of an encrypted math equation. The network users work to decode the block and update the ledger with the recent transactions. The first user to successfully solve the equation and update the register receives a “reward” of the newly-minted bitcoins. The solution is then shared with the entire network to verify its accuracy.

This method of mining bitcoins accomplishes a few goals vital to the sustainability and security of the digital currency. Perhaps most importantly, the collective effort of the P2P network to update the ledger and create new bitcoins eliminates the need for a centralized entity which would be subject to regulation by the federal government.

Additionally, the constant update and verification of transactions by the network users prevents the issuance of counterfeit bitcoins. Mining also allows for the creation of new bitcoins in a controlled manner designed to prevent a significant decrease in value as a result of market saturation. In fact, the number of bitcoins released in each block is halved every four years. Currently containing 25 bitcoins per block, this number will decrease in four-year intervals until the predetermined 21 million bitcoins have been released.

The process of Bitcoin mining has remained the same since its inception. However, the complexity of the encrypted equation becomes increasingly difficult with each block released. The equation is now so complex that the blocks are typically solved by computers dedicated solely to the mining of Bitcoin. In fact, it is estimated that 24 hours of the computing power needed to decode a block of Bitcoin uses approximately $150k in electricity.

Perceived by many in the beginning as a temporary internet craze, Bitcoin has instead become increasingly accepted as valuable digital currency. The revolutionary idea of placing the power to create and authenticate a currency solely within the hands of its users has proven to be the key to Bitcoin’s success and continuing acceptance.

Mobile Bitcoin Casinos

Mobile Bitcoin CasinosAll casinos presented on this site are legal and fully licensed online casinos that also offer mobile. Available bitcoin casino games are Blackjack, Roulette, Progressive Slots, 3D Video Slots, Video Poker and many more. You can deposit using Bitcoin as your payment method on all the mobile bitcoin casinos above.

Exclusive Bitcoin Casino Bonus

Some of the bitcoin casinos above actually offer a special bitcoin signup bonus. This means, if you're depositing using bitcoin as payment bonus, then you are eligable for an exclusive bitcoin casino bonus.

Simply register and deposit bitcoins to take part of the bonus offer, no bonus code needed.

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