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Downloading the iPad casino software is always free of charge and you can also play directly in your iPad web browser.

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Best Real Money iPad Casinos
iPad Casino
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Casino.com iPad iOS Casino

Casino.com iPad Casino

100% match bonus - up to $300 free plus 200 freespins

Welcomes Players From: Europe, Africa, South America, Asia, Brazil, Kenya, Cameroon, Ghana, Egypt, Canada, United Kingdom, New Zealand and Australia

Bovada iPad Casino USA

Bovada iPad Casino

Bovada offers 2 bonuses:
Slots Bonus: 100% match bonus - up to $500 free
Other Casino Games: 100% - up to $250 free

Welcomes Players From: United States, South America and Mexico

Spinit iPad Casino

Spinit iPad Casino

100% match bonus - up to $200 free + freespins

Welcomes players from: Europe, Asia, South America, Africa, United Kingdom, New Zealand, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Russia, South Korea, China, Japan, India and Canada

Slots.lv  Mobile Casinos

Slots.lv iPad Casino

Signup Bonus: 200% match bonus - up to $1000 free
Use Bonus Code: "HELLOSLOTS200"

Welcomes Players From: United States, Canada

All Slots iPad Mobile Casino

All Slots iPad Mobile Casino

100% match bonus - up to $200 free

Welcomes Players From: Europe, South America, Africa, Asia and Canada

Playing Games on iPad

iPadApple's iPad is a crowd-favorite. Every version released becomes a grail-worthy product and the news a public spectacle. While the tablet offers a feature-rich experience, most iPad owners use it to play games, be it Candy Crush, Casino or Poker. But is it really worth buying an iPad just for your gaming pleasure?

What is an iPad?

Before we dive into the gaming aspects of the device, let's first define what an iPad really is. See, most people use or hear about it on a daily basis, yet only a fraction of users really know what's under the hood. Basically, an iPad is the in-between product of a notebook or netbook computer and the equally popular iPod touch. Ultimately, you get all of the best features of the former with the sleek style and packaging of the latter.

History of the iPad

The iPad wasn't the colossal brand's first take on tablet computers. Around the 1990s, Apple released several similar devices including the Newton Message Pad 100 and Power Book Duo-based tablet. Fast forward two decades, Apple announces its latest iPad version, the iPad Pro, which comes with a 12.9 inch screen.

Why People Love the iPad

In a nutshell, the iPad boasts one of the most impressive combinations of hardware and software technology currently available on the market. This allows it to get away with a slightly more expensive price tag compared to devices of similar design and feature set.

One of the fun things about the iPad is that it can play any of the 140,000 applications available in the iTunes app store. This includes popular games like Terraria and Minecraft as well as some grownup games, such as Slots and Roulette.

And thanks to the powerful processors loaded into all iPad models including Pro, Air, and Mini, you can enjoy your apps for countless of hours with low latency and a high FPS rate. Battery life goes up to 10 hours, making it a perfect companion for long trips.

Tips When Gaming

If you are playing your iPad on the couch or playing games where the mechanics involve tilting the device to move characters side to side, setting the screen orientation makes practical sense. This nifty feature was launched following the iOS 4 platform. To access it on the iPad, simply navigate to the Settings menu and head to the General option. You'll see the "Use Slide Switch To" option, which is in default mute position. Simply turn it to "Lock Rotation" option.

For the hardcore gamers, you'll find your iPad cluttered with games. Fortunately, you can create folders to store and organize your favorite games. Simply click the Home button and press down on the app you wish to store. When it starts wiggling, it indicates you are in Edit mode. Move the app to another app to automatically create a folder. You can rename the newly created folder so that it's easy to keep up with multiple files.


Playing games on your iPad is great anytime anywhere, whether you're at the train commute from work or on a long vacation out of town. The tips aforementioned can help you navigate the device with convenience and ease.

Have fun!

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