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Monero Cryptocurrency GuideIn a world of crypto that is still dominated by Bitcoin, there are a few options that may actually give you more of a return than the most popular coins. Moreno is one of those options.

Let's take a look at this up-and-coming cryptocurrency so that you can make a fully informed decision about your buying habits in the market.

What is Monero?

Moreno is fully open source. It has a ticker sign of XMR. It was created in April of 2014, and it focuses on decentralization and privacy. Like Bitcoin, transactions with Moreno are recorded on a public ledger, and new units of the currency are mined.

The main value add that Moreno brings to the market is full of security of the sender and the recipient as well as the transaction amount.

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A Brief History of Monero

The underlying protocol that eventually birthed the Moreno cryptocurrency was created in October of 2013. Like Bitcoin, this Cryptonote protocol was created by an anonymous author with a pseudonym of Nicholas Van Saberhagen.

The cryptocurrency Moreno was launched from the underlying protocol by a Bitcointalk form user. Its original name was BitMoreno, and the user was named "thankful_for_today." Very quickly, the initial supporters of the currency voted that its name be shortened to Moreno.

Monero Price (XMR/USD) from 2017 to 2018The currency gained in popularity and value very quickly, enough so that it became the target for an attack in September 2014. The flaw was quickly fixed, and after that, the cryptocurrency began to grow exponentially in market capitalization. During the year 2016, it was adopted by AlphaBay, which was closed in July 2017 by authorities.

Moreno was strengthened by the algorithm Confidential Transactions, and algorithm that came directly from Gregory Maxwell, one of the developers of Bitcoin Core. Along with an improved iteration of Ring Signatures, Moreno became arguably one of the most secure cryptocurrencies on the market.

How Monero Works

Moreno gains its strength from being completely fungal bowl. Every coin can substitute for another unit, which makes Moreno a more anonymous currency than Bitcoin. Ring signatures are grouped together, making it incredibly difficult to link one transaction to another. There are also stealth addresses and that each transaction generates, making the original location of each transaction almost impossible to find.

The currency is designed to resist mining from an application specific integrated circuit. This also allows it to be mined somewhat effectively on hardware that is consumer grade.

Currently, research has generated reports that show Moreno has three significant threats in terms of user privacy. Development teams are currently being dispatched by Moreno to handle all three of these shortcomings, and all holes are expected to be closed by 2018.

Buy Monero Online - Monero Wallets

In order to buy Monero online you need a Monero wallet. Wallets are available both as online wallets and offline (usually referred to as hardware wallets).

The hardware wallets are usually perceived as the safest choice but online wallets are much more common. You will find the best Monero wallets here:

Best Monero wallets

Monero Real Time Price Chart

Below you'll find a live real time price chart of Monero in USD (XMR/USD). You will find what Monero is worth right now today and also the history of the value of this cryptocurrency.

Monero Official Website

You can find the officiela Monero website here:

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