What is Dash Cryptocurrency

Dash CasinoDash is a digital form of money, a cryptocurrency, that was formerly known as Darkcoin and then XCoin. The cryptocurrency uses an open source peer-to-peer technology to facilitate payments.

Dash is one of several digital forms of money that have gained prominence in recent years.

Best Dash Casinos Online

Playing casino games using Dash cryptocurrency is gaining in popularity. Below you will find the very best Dash casinos online. These Dash casinos work perfectly also on mobile software using iPhone iOS and iPad as well as with Android and other tablets.

Best Dash Casinos Online
Dash Casino
Dash Casino Info

Betcoin Crypto Casino accepting Dash
Betcoin Dash Casino

(Worldwide Acceptance)

Dash Casino Guide - Deposits and Withdrawals available in Dash

Dash Signup Bonus: 100% match bonus + freespins.
Also bonuses on 2nd and 3rd deposit.

Monero Casino Games at Betcoin:
Live Dealer Casino
Live Sportsbook
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Mobile Monero Casino:
Yes - works for iPhone, iPad and Android and tablets

Crypto Currencies offered: Dash, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Monero, IOTA, Cardano

Languages: English

Worldwide Acceptance

Visit Betcoin Dash Casino

Dash Casino Games

Casino gaming with Dash works pretty much the same as with any other currency, crypto or fiat. You make your deposit in your preferred currency, in this case Dash.

Dash Casino GamesThe casino then exchanges your Dash for the currency of the casino. You make your bets and wagers and when you are ready to withdraw the casino simply exchanges the currency back into Dash.

All casino games at the casino are available for Dash casino players. This means a huge variation of slots, table games, virtual games, video poker and more. You can also choose from a wide variety of live dealer casino games like live blackjack, live roulette, live baccarat and several others.

Also texas holdem online poker with Dash is available as well as live sports betting. You can access all of these different games from your casino account.

Dash Cryptocurrency History

Dash was originally released under the name XCoin in January, 2014. The name was changed just 10 days later, however, to Darkcoin. It then took on a new name once again just a few weeks later, when it was rebranded as Dash. 1.9 million coins were minted in the first few days after its introduction.

Dash Price Rate in USD
Dash Price Rate (DASH / USD)

Since its inception, Dash has grown to include a team of 30 employees along with several part-time employees. Dash reportedly hit a market cap of over $4.8 billion by mid-2017.

Dash Potential Uses and Benefits

Dash, like other Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, may be used to send and receive payments anywhere on the globe. Anyone with an internet connection can conveniently send or receive funds, and the currency may also be accepted by various merchants.

Dash has a number of potential benefits that make it a desirable form of currency. The currency is decentralized, which means that no single authority has governing control over the network. The lack of a central authority may help preserve the currency's value, as it cannot be created out of thin air like fiat currency.

The currency may also offer significant security protections. Because Dash uses a blockchain technology with advanced encryption and a two-tier structure; the network may be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to perpetrate for fraudulent purposes.

One of the biggest potential benefits of Dash is its low cost. When sending money overseas, for example, Dash may offer significant cost savings compared to traditional payment methods such as bank wires or ACHs. Not only that, but payments are nearly instant, so there is no need to wait for funds to clear. As if that isn't enough, Dash can also eliminate the need for currency conversions when transacting in or from other countries.

User privacy is a major attraction for Dash. The network employs significant measures to ensure user privacy, so that transactions and addresses cannot be associated with a specific user identity.

Dash Live Realtime Rates

Below you'll find live price rates for Dash cryptocurrency (Dash/USD). The rates are presented in realtime.

Governance and Funding

Dash is the first cryptocurrency powered by a Sybil proof decentralized governance and funding system. The system allows the network to reach a consensus on proposed network changes as well as to provide funding for network projects. A percentage of all block rewards are put into the treasury system to provide a stream of funds to cover any projects.

The Dash treasury system has seen significant growth in recent years. As of 2015, the system was reportedly providing about $14,000 per month in funding. That number has increased dramatically since then.

As of early 2017, the figure had reportedly grown to about $574,000 per month in funding. The system has been set up to provide a positive feedback loop, so that any further network development increases the value of the currency, and that increased value provides even more funding.

Dash and other cryptocurrencies may have a very bright future, and their potential uses as a form of money are almost limitless.

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